From a European project to the local use of biomass

30 May 2023

Against the backdrop of the Quinzaine en économie circulaire (Circular economy fortnight), we have offered participants the opportunity to find out more about bio-based solutions to promote sustainable, resilient agriculture.

From a European project to the local use of biomass: How to look after the soil microbiome in order in particular to improve the quality of our ingredients. Focus on the European Tribiome project and reports from two companies involved in developing biofertilizers for agricultural use: Toopi and Minagro.



10am: welcome coffee

10.30-10.45: introduction to the Tribiome project, in which Wagralim plays an active role.

It focuses on improving our understanding of soil, human, animal and plant microbiomes, as well as their relationships and connections with each other, with a view to improving the resilience of the food chain, and supporting the principles of circularity.

10.45-11.30Toopi Organics has tackled the issue of recycling urine and turning it into agricultural products. Toopi Organics is creating a new sustainable model for the circular economy, turning human urine into agricultural biostimulants.

Participants were also able to find out more about how urine is collected, thanks to the installation of waterless urinals, which save a significant amount of water.

11.30-12.15: Minagro introduced the circular systems that it is developing internally, for a more sustainable approach to agriculture.

This includes the development of:

  • Bio-based co-formulants and additives made using hemicellulose and palm oil
  • A biofertilizer made using local biomass
  • A biofungicide made using extracts of Norway spruce and apple trees

12.15: lunch


Date and venue

The event took place on 30 May at the Brasserie de Bertinchamps: rue de Bertinchamps 4, 5030 Gembloux.


Cost and registration

Registration was free of charge but essential.