Tribiome’s project, advanced tools for integration and synergistic interconnection of microbiomes in resilient food systems

Objective of the project

Tribiome’s vision is to develop and implement a systemic solution to transform current food production systems. To this end, Tribiome aims to advance alignment with the Green Deal and Farm2fork strategies, by deepening the knowledge of soil/plant/animal and human microbiomes, as well as their interrelationships and interconnections, so that they can play a leading role in the resilience of food production systems in the near future.

Tribiome will face the main challenges such as the need to minimize resources, reduce the environmental impact and promote healthy and plant-based food chain while feeding a constantly growing world population under the paradigm of climate change. 

This project aims to drive this concept from its base, establishing its central nucleus in current agricultural production systems based on the relevancy of the soil and plant microbiome. In order to produce more with less, through knowledge of microbial biodiversity and its interaction with the plant, novel technologies will be developed to influence its modulation (i.e., those enhancing plant growth, nutrient use efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, …).

One of the other objectives is to generate an upgrade quality food and have a positive influence on the microbiomes of both animals and humans.

Our approach

To this end, we will work cooperatively in a multiactor approach framework with all actors in the food production systems chain, from farmers to consumers, industry, investors and policy makers, in order to develop systemic solutions that guarantee their implementation and solve the real problems and needs of society.

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