The 4th EUCARPIA workshop : aims to establish and strengthen a network among plant breeders and scientists of different disciplines to explore the use of plant-microbe interactions in plant breeding.


The workshop is organised by the EUCARPIA Working Group on Plant-Microbe Interactions of the Section Organic and Low-Input Agriculture and will continue to discuss the potential and limitations of implementing its growing knowledge in plant breeding.

Previous workshop outputs were synthesised in a perspective article on emerging research priorities towards microbe-assisted crop production (Hohmann et al. 2020, FEMS Micr Ecol).

This year’s 4th EUCARPIA workshop will continue the discussion and foster the dialogue between the different research disciplines and industry to promote the development of holobiont-based breeding strategies for future resilient agroecosystems.

Date and venue

The event takes place on 19th July in Austria.


Please register in this link: https://micrope.org/registration_main.php 

More info: pierre@bonaplanta.eu